Monday, 20 April 2009


This image is for a project im working on with Yee ting-kuit. Its for a book on phobias, projects been in the pipeline for a while you can check for regular updates over on the blog for it here

Ah the fear of getting amnesia - Amnesia phobia.

zero trooper

Coming again from a galaxy far far away to a t-shirt new you.....


Oh did i mention i make websites as well? lol sorry couldn't resist.

The new online store will be up in the next month or so. So look out for a bargain coming soooooon.


Okay this one is a bit random, this was done for a friend of mine as a favour. Generally i don't paint or draw other people work.. well sometimes i might doodle out a character of someone but a version in my own style. Anyways Alex has this thing about a comic called 'Battle Pope' by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore, its weird but funny and the art work is actually pretty cool... so there you go.

Acrylic on base case ^_^

Vet head

sometimes i get the urge to just draw, like on a random. usually at like 4 in the morning and I'm in between sorting work for a project. So you end up doodling and instead of setting it aside you end up finishing off. I had Full metal jacket on in the background while i was working ^_^

I think i might turn this into a T-shirt design but needs a bit of text... off for a doodle...

Paris Show

Recently i had been asked to do some promotional work for a Paris show that was going on at Tranoi , It was a bit of a mad endeavour, i only got 2 weeks notice about getting it all designed printed and ready for shipping. So like the mad man i am ended up buying an A3 laser and printing it all myself.... mission. But i really like how it turned out.

If your interested in getting some funky bling of your own check out there site Funky Bling. co uk

Shop fronts

Well as it happens at Christmas i was asked to design a store front, they wanted something that was gonna be made in see through vinyl. I really like how it turned out i just wish the company who'd put it up had done it with less bubble's under the vinyl... and a nice long fold in the middle.

I only wish I'd managed to take a proper photo of it ^_^


I love to paint, illustrate and draw comics... LOVE IT. It won't always pay the bills, so i design as well, weather is web stuff or print media P.O.S etc, it may seem like a totally different line of work but it's not. things like business cards can become mini canvas's of crazy creations. With better printing and cutting techniques they've really been an awesome way to show creativity.
Logo's are another thing, i think out side of the design world there kind of underrated by people. But if you ever get a chance, while in a book store look for a book in the design/arts section on logo's and you'll be amazed at what you people do.

Portrait work

Okay these are a bit old now for portrait work that I've done recently, but there golden oldies. these two are still in my top ten of favourites I've done over the years. Most notably because the first one here on the list was the first time I'd ever painted in oils and the first portrait I'd ever painted. double whammy.


Okay finally managed to drag myself away from my work life and back onto my blog. So thanks to the economy i have more time to post up more work ^_^

Anyways look out as over this year there's gonna be some cool projects I'll be putting up on here for your viewing pleasure. as always if you like what you see let me know!

On another note prints are available on request for work that you see, as well as upcoming small press work that will be going up on here soon. so stay tuned...