Wednesday, 24 October 2012

SoMe: Film short work

SoMe Trailer from MotionGasm on Vimeo.

Here's SoMe a short film work that i helped do some work for. ^_^

SoMe, is a short film by Neolight Project, also known as Thom Haig (MoGrafik)
and J G Harding. It was a pretty cool concept to work on, as it goes to show the extremes of what social networks in the future could be like. With people being able to show and use avatars in real life, the boundry between cyberspace anonymity and normal life is no longer seperate.

It was fun working on the designs for masks, with the main one above being used in the film for one of the main characters ( CEO ). Thom and J G did a great job on the short and it's well worth the watch if you get a chance to see it.

It was shown at a few film festivals last year and was awarded the Audience choice winner at the Zero film fest in New York. For more info you keep an eye on for exclusive downloads, production details and other fun info about the film!

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