Thursday, 28 October 2010

Whores of Mensa!

I recently had the opportunity ( thanks to a savy purchase this summer of a 4 colour carousel for a steal of a price!! ) to print some t-shirts designs for a friend, none other than whores of mensa's Ellen Lindner. The shirt featuring a design by Cliodhna Lyons, Maartje Schalkx and Ellen Lindner  and can be found and purchased here Etsy store!;

I Love doing projects like this as it's a great to work with someone throwing back and forth ideas and refining it down to it's finalised form. Plus i really love screen printing!
I've screen printed work for people/companies before as one off for fashion houses and clients looking for something really different but hand tailored.

Screen printing your own work from start to finish is awesome, I never really seem to get tired of seeing the whole process unfold even if it's a drawing i've already seen a hundred times. Once you start printing positives and burning screens, it just takes a on a whole new perspective.

So it's a nice break to set a design down and just go with it but on a mini (mass) production scale. As you see..  ^_^

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Dear Blog..

Sorry for not keeping you upto date. Life has a funny way of pulling you about everywhere but where your wanted. But luckily there is now alot more work to post up on you ^_^

So i promise to update date you weekly on the who's whats and where's and whys from now on.